Poultry Floating Fish Shrimp Pet Food Feed Pellet Granulator Machine

Granulator Machine
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About the product

Poultry Floating Fish Shrimp Pet Food Feed Pellet Machine


1,We will provide 5 sets molds and one whole set of spare wear for you free of charge.

2,Guarantee time is 1.5 years.

3,Tell me the animal you want to feed,the capacity per hour,the material you have,I will provide the least price.

4.CE certification with our machines.

5.I am always here for you.

6.We have the full production line,click me to get more.

Structure :

1.Three motors: Main motor + feeding motor + cutting motor
2.Working principle: Put the material into feeding device. The material will be extruded and expanded by the screw shaft with high pressure and temperature to make the material fully cooked and sterilized. Then the expanded material will be formed into different shapes through different molds. 
3.We will send sets of molds, spare parts( sleeve, extruding part, cutter, etc,) and tools for free.


Basic Info.
Model NO. WSP
Applicable Materials Shape Powder
Application Floating Animal Feed Pellet Making
Pellet Size 0.9-20mm

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